Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Making Faces

Yay for digital painting! This is for a project for my drawing class. The assignment was to do portraits, or head drawings of ourselves or anyone we could get to sit for us. We were told that we could use whatever media we wanted, so I opted for the computer. What a time saver, and mess saver! Can you imagine the mess I would have had to clean up doing the six drawings I did? Well I can. Based solely on the mess I made doing the other two. Charcoal, while full of lovely possibilities, is filthy. So I took a photo of myself and dug a few out of the old archives and I used them as reference for these value/head studies. Wheeeee! Anybody recognize these gentlemen?


Camile Kellogg said...

I love looking at your art Jacob! Hmm, so I was thinking that the last drawing on this post looks like Matt N., am I right?!

Jacob said...

Yep! That's Matt!