Monday, January 12, 2009

Colonel Mustard in the Library with Frisbee!

I loved Clue. I mean, what a great game! Mystery, murder, and small pieces not suitable for small children! What more could you want? I even read a few of the books as a kid. The one thing that I could never understand, was why Mr. Body kept inviting those remarkably unbalanced people into his home. I know that they never actually managed to bump him off, but you would still imagine that he would wise up to the fact that they were trying! But no. It was always "What shall I do this weekend? Ah, yes, I'll invite my six, slightly unbalanced, possibly homicidal friends over and see which of them tries to eliminate me this time! That'll do it!"

Mr. B. has a strange sense of humor. And no friends. And amazingly high insurance premiums.