Sunday, February 24, 2008

What could make more sense?

I'm just adding this for appearances. It's not like anyone ever looks at this garbage, but I might as well get cracking and give them something to look at.
The other day, I was watching Bongo the Bear in my animation class. When we got to the delightful little dance number from the bears, I found myself wondering how on earth all those bears knew that dance. The answer was fairly obvious: Choreographers! In these bears' case, a little blond choreographer who probably has "Goldilocks" shoved between her first and last names. I am such a moron.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Ugh! I got run over by the band wagon!

Well, there you have it sportsfans, I've completely given in to the technology train and got myself a filthy nasty blog. What does "blog" mean anyway? It sounds like something that you do with mud. Or the Everglades. Or possibly mud in the everglades. Suffice to say, I've gone and done it. We'll just have to see how faithfully I update this booger. It's a booger blog now. How classy can I get?
So, in honor of "Blogging" here's my ten minute Bloggator. Whee! Tablets rock!