Monday, August 31, 2009


Yes, I am a lazy slob when it comes to posting things on my blog. But I would have been a total slacker if I had neglected to commemorate today's fun filled occasion! It's the first day of classes at good old BYU.
In honor of this momentous celebration, I give you a piece that I have entitled, White Rabbit: the college student psyche after 15 minutes of the first class of the semester. Pretty classy huh? This is why I try never to dwell too much on how far behind I am with all of my school work, commitments, following up on the parental pressure to date, marry, and give them grandchildren, and other delightful social pressures. I just avoid the gradual descent into madness and throw myself into it headlong. It saves time.
By the way...Day 24: NO TIME!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Waterbending Awesomeness

So, I managed to win over a whole slew of new Avatar: the Last Airbender addicts in the form of my family. I just sat down one afternoon and thought it would be fun to watch one or two episodes and before I knew it, everyone in the house, one by one, had gathered around and plopped down on or around the couch next to me. After that it became a nearly nightly ritual. We watched three or four episodes a night until we finally finished it up Thursday night with one of the most awesome season finales of all time! I. Love. Avatar.
I have also decided that, given the option, I would be a waterbender. Most people want to be firebenders, but they just aren't as cool. Most of them seem pretty off kilter to me. The waterbenders use Tai Chi, which is a style that focuses on precision, balance, and on using the force of an opponent against them. It's a style based on the push and pull and flow of nature. Which is pretty awesome as far as I'm concerned. Plus, as my dear friend Aaron pointed out, Katara could have easily taken over the world. The world is basically three fourths water you know. As are most living things...
Oh! By the way, this is my post for day 23: Cat. 'Cause there ain't no cooler cat than Briar here. And yes I know I skipped day 22, but I've drawn it, I just didn't get it scanned yet. It'll be here soon.