Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Holy Cow!

     Those of you who have been watching for a while may be aware that this is the time of year I usually post a rant/emo weep-fest about being rejected again from the art programs at BYU. For years I have deflected that age old college question, "What's your major?" by telling people, "I'm studying art." Notice, no claim of being an art major. I haven't been. For years I have been applying and being rejected from one department and the next.
     You may have noticed that there is no rant yet. And there shall not be one. I don't need to whine about rejection. I'm bigger than that.
     And I was accepted into BYU's Illustration department.
     See above.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Left Handed Fun

     This is the first thing that I have been able to draw for the past four weeks with my right hand. I have spent many fruitless hours trying to draw with my left hand, and while I can see some real possibilities, the hideous scribbles I have thus far accomplished have been relegated to the flames, so no one may ever know the pain of my failures.
     But why? I hear you asking. Why would I try to draw with my left hand? I was not inspired by the great southpaws of history and I was not trying to "branch out" in my creative process. I just broke my right collar bone and couldn't draw without crying because it hurt so much.
     It happened while I was in Chicago with the BYU Singers at the American Choral Directors Association conference.
     Living in safe little Provo, I tend to forget how dangerous it can be out there in the real world. Rogue gangs of ninjas roaming the streets looking for hapless victims. Fortunately for me, I have a great deal of hap when it comes to ninjas. But they were not looking to pick a fair fight. Instead of ambushing me directly, they directed their heartless attacks against my innocent, and very expensive new camera. In order to save the expensive, shiny toy, I had to sacrifice my own well being and it now owes me its life and has sworn to serve me faithfully forever.
     In layman's terms, I tripped and fell and landed on my shoulder trying to protect my new camera that was hanging around my neck. Boo.
     And that is why this is the first thing out of my right hand in weeks. Don't ask for the left handed stuff. You can't see it. Ever.