Tuesday, December 30, 2008

No hippos for Christmas

Happy New Year! It's time to introduce Marty the New Years Rhino! Because there aren't enough holiday themed animals. It seems like every year there's a new one. First there was Rudolph, then there was Nestor, the long eared Christmas Donkey and his cousin Dominic the Italian Christmas donkey (who irritates me to no end and is probably not very popular at parties), next came Olive, the other reindeer, who was, in fact, a dog; and that hippopotamus, and the abominable snow man (Who, along with Frosty is suing for Canadian citizenship. Shouldn't be a problem.) and the plethora of critters who don a red cap, black boots and false beard and tack "Santa" to the front of their name. You know: Santa Mouse, Santa Bear, Santa Tapir...they're all over the place. Marty here ought to fit right in.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Ding Dong the witch is dead! Or something like...

I love this time of year. You know, when peoples' thoughts turn to the ideal of "Peace on earth, good will to men," When everything gets covered with snow, and - best of all - classes are out for the semester.
See, Thanksgiving vacation is great and all, but there's still all of that schoolwork that I was supposedly working on during the break. With the Christmas break there's none of that. A guilt free vacation! Huzzah!
In honor of the death of finals, I give you the only final that I honestly enjoyed. No offense to any of my professors should they stumble across my blog by some bizarre anti-miracle, but their exams, papers and projects brought me a negligible amount of joy if they brought me any. This project, on the other hand, brought me much joy. I mean how can you NOT be inspired by a hippo-ridin' finger-slinger and his mexi-fish sidekick? Merry Christmas all! Just in case I don't come up with something else by then.