Wednesday, October 14, 2009

In Dublin's Fair City!

Alright, it's a lie. This is not Dublin. It's actually downtown Cork, Ireland. This is my messy, sketchy rendition of St. Patrick's in Cork. Not to be confused with the St. Patrick's in any other Irish town with a population greater than two. They ALL have at least one church or cathedral named/renamed for good old St. Pat. I heard more reasons why than I care to list here, but I like them.
This was another assignment for Joe's class. We were asked to emulate the style of one Paul Madonna (no relation to the well known, somewhat creepy pop star) who wrote/illustrated the an ingenious little book entitled All Over Coffee. It's basically just a sketch book of awesome buildings and non-sequitur comments. Very good. I don't know if I would buy it, but it would make a great coffee table book.
I'm not sure how well I emulated his work, but I enjoyed this project.


Katie Lee said...

you truly are an amazing artist... you know this right?

NJF said...

I concur- I really like this one! And I checked out the book, and I think you captured his concept well, but still had your own flair.