Thursday, July 16, 2009

You Crack Me Up Little Buddy.

This is my special tribute to Sam & Max: Freelance Police, a hilarious Warner Brothers cartoon that didn't get it's due on daytime television. Sam, a big Dog guy in Sam Spade get-up and his partner Max, a hyper-kinetic, psycho, rabbit-thing, are constantly up to their eyeballs in life-threatening, hilarious hijinx and warding off the baddies with their witty banter, Sam's really big gun, and Max's tendency towards violence (It may not be THE answer, but it is AN answer) and possible rabies. The other guy is another character from the show, Hugh Bliss. He's best known for his catch phrase, "Hi! I'm Hugh Bliss!" I can't express to you how funny this is to me. It also fulfills today's theme! Day 18: Rainbow.

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The Henderson Family said...

Oh, Jacob you are great. I miss your spunk. I love your style...I am curious to see what you coul do with a sheep named Oscar and a chicken named Kluk - they are best friends. Or a young field mouse named Flora who is far too naughty...any sparks of inspiration?