Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Ah, it's that delightful time of year again! That beautiful holiday where we eat turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie until it comes out of our ears on the pretense of showing gratitude for...um...everything I guess. Or it might have something to do with a radically conservative group that arose from the reformation in Europe that traditionally wore belts on their hats.
Either way, I'm awfully excited about that pie.
This is the Thanksgiving Pie Puritan-Bot. His job is to make sure that I eat enough pie to choke a yak over the holiday break. If I don't, there's no telling what he might do with that vaguely musket shaped object in his right hand. So, you know, don't keep me from eating pie. It takes a lot of pie to choke a yak. And whip cream too. Can't choke a yak without whipped cream.

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Kat and Cam Johnson said...

you are making me salivate with all that talk of pie! yum yum yum! How do you come up with these amazing creatures? I really wouldn't mind getting a portfolio of your crazy characters... Then when you are rich and famous... my kids will be like "That's my uncle Jacob, we have one of his first copies of characters to prove it."