Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Meet my 'little' Friend.

This is one of my imaginary friends. One of. His name is Ryan. I didn't choose that name, my cousin, Ryan, did. He looked at it and immediately told me that his name had better be Ryan. So it is.
I drew this as an exercise for my Drawing for animation class. The assignment was
1) Go buy four copies of the National Geographic and read them in order to learn something.
2) With these delightful new thoughts buzzing around our heads we were to create an appropriate imaginary friend for a ten-year-old.
I'm fairly pleased with him. The first article I read was about a lion reserve in Africa. When a lion dies, instead of allowing other animals to eat it or selling it off for the fur (Which really isn't all that desirable at that point anyway) they build a pyre and burn the critter. Hence the flaming lion. Ta-DAH!


Andtheknee said...

i love it

Kat and Cam Johnson said...

haha... that is the most awesome thing ever. Oh, I pulled out the 'hero files' the other day, and just had a great time laughing and reminiscing on all our high school adventures. What good memories! Miss you Jacob!

Amber Lynn said...

That's one great imaginary friend!Who could top a flaming lion?