Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I did this!!

You know, I get just a little tired of these people who keep asking me to submit "My Portfolio." What? Do they think that I just keep all of the stuff I draw filed away somewhere convenient? And best of all, they want it filed electronically or on a CD. So I have to find a way to scan, photograph or wonkavision everything from sketchbook pages to massive 18 x 24 pages into my computer that possesses the storage capacity of a potato. Not an iPotato. Just a regular one. REEEHEEDiculous. Anyway, here is my favorite drawing of a hand. Which I put in my portfolio.


Katie Lee said...

I really really really love this drawing. It's fantastic. hey, question for you. My brother in law is a computer animator in arkansas. He's just finishing his 18 month course (I forget the name, but I guess it's a pretty popular course amongst computer animators.) They want to move back to Idaho, but need to try and find a job here or Utah if nothing in Idaho... I figured since you were in the field, you may know more about it than I would. Let me know! Thank you!

Katie Lee said...

I found out what it is... he's taking 'Animation Mentor' I guess it's a pretty big online school for animators. Anywayz... if you know of any jobs in the area, let me know. thank you again Jacob!

Artist Anika said...

VERY well done. And I know just what you mean about the portfolio. Fell lucky, however. When I applied for an art scholarship at my college I had to find a hard copy (not computer copy) of all my drawings and pay to have them converted into slides. The school would not accept work saved to a disk or CD or even a paper portfolio. Had to be slides. I swear, sometimes I think they request things just to see how many people they can get to jump through their hoops! All good though, as long as it is worth it in the end (which it definitely was).