Sunday, March 2, 2008

So...Who's the cat?

I know what you're thinking...and shame on you! But you're probably also wondering, "What's with the tiger? Why doesn't this goober post a photo like a normal human being?"
That's easy enough to answer: I believe that photographs actually steal peoples' souls, so I never allow myself to be photographed.
No, that didn't come out nearly as funny as I thought it would. The truth is, I have something of a Cyrano de Bergerac syndrome. I hate my own looks. I find myself to be singularly unattractive and don't go to any great lengths to expose that fact to the world. Besides, If I draw a cartoony tiger dude, no one will try to compare it with any actual person.
Plus, no one can swipe my picture and info off the internet and use it to steal my vastly valuable identity in order to obtain secret government information that only I have access to.
My life is so much more interesting when I garnish it with little details that I make up in my head.
Anyway, Spring is lurking just around the corner and I am ecstatic! I like snow and all, but I am ready for spring. In honor of Spring, here is a poem that I did not write:

The Spring has sprung, the grass is riz,
I wonder where them birdies is?
The little boid is on the wing...
How absoid! The little wing is on the Boid


Katie Lee said...

haha! I got the whole tiger thing (I guess going to high school with you helped?). I love all your animations. You do so well!

Artist Anika said...

LOL. I like the tiger. I do the same thing, any image I am asked to do or that I create of myself is always more abstract than not. Once, when asked to create a self-portrait, I painted a figure that was half tree half girl dancing in flame ( It is always far more interesting to draw yourself the way you feel than the way you actually look!

Besides, tigers rock!