Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween and Skittles Kid.

I love Halloween. It's such a wonderful excuse to wear socially awkward costumes and seem perfectly normal. I think it was made as an outlet for weirdos who feel a need to fit in to normal society.
It also means funny trick or treaters.
Early in the evening, a veritable horde descended on my doorstep in search of pre-packaged, overhyped and ever so desirable sugar. After I had warded off a sizable group with my offering of the Mars company's finest assortment I was just settling back down to my semi-annual viewing of The Nightmare Before Christmas when a tiny little knock came rapping at the door.
I returned to the porch to find a 4 or 5 year old boy dressed as Buzz Lightyear and another boy (who turned out to be the little guys older brother).
The older boy told me that his brother had been too shy to come up to the door with all the other kids, and had waited until they had left. I offered little Lightyear the ginormous bowl of candy and he reverently chose a package of Skittles from the top of the candy-copia. His brother gave him a little nudge and prompted "What do you say?"
Buzz replied:
Needless to say, I gave him another bag.

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navajotwin said...

Umm...I love this.

On a sad-funny note, we had to step out during Halloween (about 20 min), and left our candy bowl on a stool. We came back to a stool.

No candy.

No bowl.

In spite of the theft, we couldn't help but laugh :)