Saturday, October 22, 2011

Rojoice Peasants!

      Huzzah! We've reached a landmark in bloggerating! This is post number 100 on Jacob's Briar Patch! I didn't think I could hold out this long. Or rather, that I would still be posting on this thing. But look how far we've come together. Remember this?
     That's right. Blog post number one. Remember the Bloggator? I should print him out and put him on the fridge with letter magnets. He's special.
     But now I'm in the thick of things. I just finished drawing a coloring book which I plan to post here sometime in the near future for your coloring pleasure. I just need to wait for the company I sold first print rights to to give me the go ahead. I'm also working on a card game and two children's books. As REAL JOBS! I'm all professional and everything! Wish me luck friends.

UPDATE: I made a bunch of changes to the newer image and reposted it.

1 comment:

Will Strong said...

Wow, your work has come a long way. Very nice improvement indeed.

Congrats on being a professional. Feels good right?