Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Darkest Shadows

These are silhouettes for Jake Parker's character design class. We were supposed to come up with thirty for each of two characters from either Charlie and the Chocolate factory or The Hobbit. I chose to do Sauron in dark wizard/necromancer mode and Smaug the dragon. Which one do all you inhabitants of the interwebs like best? Leave a comment.


Andtheknee said...

I actually really like Smaug. Both are good, though.

But Smaug's better.


alex meldrum said...

well I looked through and i thought that the number 12 sauron was the best, and the number 4 on the smaug is my smaug favorite.

Katie Lee said...

For Sauron: I like 1 & 24. For Smaug I like 1, 4, & 33. (I agree with Alex, smaug #4 is pretty sweet!) You really are so talented. When are you gonna be a famous illustrator (I mean, you already are famous in my book, but I mean in 'societies' book?)