Thursday, December 2, 2010

Quiet as the Tomb

So, I guess that I've offended all twelve of my previously loyal blog-stalkers. According to my stalker/self-esteem boosting program, no one has been to the lonely drafty hallways of my blog in the past three weeks. Apparently, no one likes the blog makeover. Rest assured, I plan to change it to something more bearable for you all. Until then, here is a graveyard, dark and lonely as my blog.

UPDATE: So, I found out that when I updated my blog's look, I accidentally erased the magic html words that made my Google analytics account read it. :P


Jesse Millar said...

RSS feeds are a wondrous thing, my dear Jacob.

FANTASTIC job on the painting.

Camile Kellogg said...

Artist gyud ka, as in! Ikaw pa!! Kag stalker ko ya, lol.

kwistin said...

wow, that looks really good! i love the atmosphere and colors. nice use of a monochromatic scheme. good staging and values as well. kinda wish that one of the focal points would stand out above the other. but it's good :)

i feel like i've heard your html story before now.... :P