Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Der Erlkönig

Recently I was listening to some classical music, you know Mozart, Liszt, Gershwin, that sort of thing, and came across Franz Schubert's setting of the Johan Wolfgang von Goethe poem Der Erlkönig. It's a great Baritone art song and I sort of fell in love with the poem. The poem is about a father and son riding home through the woods. The son tells his father that the Erlking (Alder king if you translate it from the German, but could easily be a transliteration from the original Danish legend which would be translated Elf king) is following them and promising him beautiful things if only the child will come away with him. The father dismisses his child's fears as the product of an overactive imagination while the Erlking's promises become more extravagant and his demands more urgent.
This is a draft of the first page I would make for an illustrated book of the story. Or maybe a second page.

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