Saturday, December 19, 2009

The End!

At last, another semester has come to thunderous, crashing close. My poor abused brain has come to a grinding halt and I can be blissfully brain-dead for the rest of the year. Which is only about two weeks, but every little bit counts.
So! Here are my final projects from this semester. I'll probably go back and post other things that I did too. That way people might stop by and visit my poor lonely blog. The top one is my painting final, including Fenris from down below and the second is my final from Joe Olson's class to the theme of "Imminent Defeat."

1 comment:

M.R. Weaver said...

Fun Times!
I like this tiger character, we get to see him more, yes? :>

Keep it up, you are coming along.

(And in answer to your question, that's Mel, and she's the farthest thing from Gladys ever. But it doesn't help that her hair is all floofed up since she's falling. Derp.)