Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I spent the last month in faery tale land. No, don't go telling me that it ought to be spelled "fairy" because that is not even remotely what I meant. "Fairy" implies little flitty things harvested in vast quantities from the fairy fields of a small island off the coast of southern California used in cheap statuary and as party favors for little girls birthday parties and similar heathen rituals.
No, I said faery and I meant faery. I've been in Ireland and there is some old magic there. The whole place just oozes oldness. It isn't decrepit or rotting or backwards or anything. Everything just has this sense of age. The bones of ancient civilizations jut from the ground and there are tombs that have been around almost as long as people have been dying. It was fantastic! Ireland and the British Isles are places that just scream to be populated with kings and monsters and heroes and magic...once you get out of the cities at least. Those had a different feel to them, they were still full of history, but they didn't have the same kind of magic to them. If you ever get to see the tombs at New Grange or the Giant's Causeway, you'll have the chance to see what I mean. What a place!
Anyway, in honor of this singular experience, I have finally finished the revamped version of my enchanted forest scene from Joe Olson's class. Feel the POWER!

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Katie Lee said...

No, I totally agree, it's not Fairy. And for the irish, Faery is the word... but for all those Katie coon's out there... we are talkin Fairies!!!! Heck yes... don't worry they still live above my head occassionally. Although, the smallest one has taken to flitting above my sons head every now and then; looks like it may become permanent!!!