Tuesday, April 7, 2009


This is a robort. I got nothin'. I made this for Joe Olson's class and can't think of anything even remotely funny to say about it. I'll try to post something new after finals. Or before. Whichever one happens will be true.


Andtheknee said...

I have to show you the cutest (I know I just said that word, but it fits. Ask Angie) pictures/videos of a praying mantis. Holy cow. I don't have it with me today, but maybe tomorrow...just maybe.

"And they stared in awe."
"I said AWE. A. W. E."

Name the movie... ;)

NJF said...

The movie was George of the Jungle, with Brendan Frasier.
I like the menacing robot! Though it is mildly reminiscent of what the Other Father drives...