Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Finals! Blegh.

Check this out! This was my final project for my intro to drawing class. It's colored pencil on dah-dah-dah! paper! I'm fairly pleased with it. It's so nice to be finally finished with finals for the year. I hate finals week. Somehow they manage to pack an entire year's worth of stress into three days. My adrenaline gland is still going nuts! But it's finally over! I'm going to go do absolutely nothing for the next three days before life throws me another curve ball.


Kat & Cam Johnson said...

i really am super impressed with all of your artistic ability (as usual). I have always absolutely loved drawing, but have never given myself enough time to sit down and do it! Maybe after I have the baby I'll have more time (haha.. .yeah right!) I miss you! Let us know when you are back in town!

m.frei said...

Hi Jacob,

I enjoyed your pictures, especailly the tiger--reminds me of my looong past high school days at I.F. High. Glad you are enjoying your BYU experience. My wife and I enjoyed our BYU days too.